Day Eight Hundred and Ninety One 

Hi Viewers,

When you have nothing to do and no stress on your mind, what do you think about? What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it always the same thing? Does your family think it too? Or do they have totally different thoughts? And if you are all related, do you have more similar thoughts than if you were from another blood line? 

Well, we spent hours trying to figure this out tonight!! We talked about dreams and thoughts and feelings. It was so interesting because we all had something totally different to add which kept us all intrigued and asking questions!! Are people designed to say things that bridge more conversation or do they just say what’s on their mind? Is there a way to tell? I’ll leave you with some of these questions because they are so exciting and fascinating!!! I hope that they lead you on a path of fun exploration : ) 

“There is no correct of anything, just different interpretations and ideas” 



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