Day Eight Hundred and Ninety Two

Hi Viewers, 

I always think about the presence people possess and the way they focus that “power”! Today I met former President Bill Clinton! He was so amazing and he took the time to look at every single person individually while addressing an entire room! Even though his interaction was not specific to any one person (until our selfie), we all felt touched by his enthusiasm and pride for his wife! He talked about her as a great and as someone that will do everything for the people! He talked about her so kindly and lovingly, and it was so inspiring! 

In a concert, everyone is pushing to the front without a care in the world. No one cares about your feelings or your photos normally! Today was different. Today was filled with people looking out for one another!! The women in line in front of us  were all chatting when a volunteer from the campaign strolled up! One of the women asked for a sticker and the volunteer said she was out of stickers but took the pin off of her shirt, and gave it to her so she could feel included! Another woman came around selling pins and one of the women wanted one but didn’t have correct change, so the lady next to her stepped in and told her to pick whichever one she liked. These women had only just met and were so bonded over a mutual mission to help Hillary be our next president. Lois, someone else standing by us, couldn’t be in the sun for very long and therefore had to take breaks to sit in the shade. Instead of always having to fight to get her spot back, everyone began looking for shade for her to stand in and catch her breath! How amazing is that?? We were all standing together (my brother and I and our newly acquired friends) and one lady left to get a shirt! About fifteen people after us, they stopped letting people in and immediately we all looked back in a panic to make sure this woman wasn’t left behind in the hope that we could vouch for her! 

Miraculously my dad got to the front row and claimed the most perfect spot! We were so close that we talked and took selfies with Bill!!! Even in the very front (still amazed my dad saved us seats there) volunteers were trying to be sure everyone was in the right place and able to see! One amazing lady even gave up her spot for another person to stand!!!  When the lady behind us could no longer stand from her weak knees, she sat down on the floor. Without pushing to get in front of her or further block her view, people were turning around to check on her and make sure she was okay! Then the ultimate act of kindness was from Bill when we personally connected with each person totally genuinely! He posed for a selfie with all of us and though we was unable to sign anything (my dad tried valiantly), he took my absence note for school and I took a picture of him with it! It was the schoolest (coolest school) thing ever!!!! Things like that are just so amazing and kind and special for someone so important to do! He facilitated a world and an atmosphere of community unlike many I have seen before! He loved the cause and his wife and the people, and so the people loved him and his wife and the cause! I am lucky to have gotten to look into his eyes and hear his speech! It was truly an unforgettable experience!! 

“Even when there is something that you are desperate to do or see, it’s better to help people get there with you than to trample all over them for individual success. We are stronger together than we will ever be alone. ” : ) 



One thought on “Day Eight Hundred and Ninety Two

  1. He is amazing. I went to his second inauguration and the NY State Inauguration ball and was in awe of him and Hillary! Hopefully we move forward together.

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