Day Eight Hundred and Ninety 

Hi Viewers,

Most people think that running into other people at the grocery store or somewhere in their travels. I look at this in a totally different way though because you get to see someone without the stress of planning your time together and it has the exciting element of surprise!! Yesterday for example, I ran into someone that I love but she is incredibly busy doing amazing things so I almost never get to see her!! This time I just almost walked right into Colleen and I got to talk to her which I wouldn’t have gotten to do otherwise!!! How great is that?? 

“Even though running into people is sometimes a fear or a strategy used to determine where to shop, think of it as an opportunity to see the important people in your life amidst both of your hectic schedules”!!!! 



2 thoughts on “Day Eight Hundred and Ninety 

  1. It made my day to run (literally) into you and Jack…so wonderful to see you and to meet your brother! Although I don’t get to see you too often your posts inspire me and my family. 😘

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