Justice for George Floyd

Hi Viewers,

When hearing George Floyd’s story, I was devastated. I’m not even in disbelief this time. I’m just sad and ANGRY nothing is changing because for every story we hear about, there are a hundred more not being reported. There are so many instances where the victims of racist crimes like this are not getting justice, they aren’t even acknowledged. The fact that it is being announced that the police officers were fired is ridiculous, because that should be assumed. It should be assumed that when anyone, let alone a person in power, murders someone else, that they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I am so disgusted in our justice system. But it goes deeper than that. I always think about what I would do as a lawyer to get justice for people who have been mistreated or murdered — and you know what? I could never do enough in my simulations. The problem is not just with the justice system, because by the time a case like this gets to lawyers or prosecutors, the damage has already been done. In this case (and way too many others), a young man’s life has already been taken too soon for no reason. And the fact that people have to post on social media to bring attention to murders like this and further to demand justice means that our system ISN’T working for ANYONE. Because, if it isn’t working for every single person, it should not considered to be working for anyone!!

Every single time I walk, I am cognizant of how lucky I am. That when a police car drives by me, I am not afraid for my life or my liberty. The police are an institution meant to protect Americans, ALL AMERICANS, and yet they are murdering some of us instead. I should not have the privilege of our institutions working for me and not against me based on the color of my skin. And yet I do. And it makes me sick.

Maybe some people will listen more to me saying this because I’m white (which is horrible yet a reality). I hope that more people will start to listen. Because somehow, someway, something has to change.



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