Justice for Ahmaud

Hi Viewers,

As Kamala Harris said, exercising while black should not be a death sentence. How unfair is it that I can dance around and walk wherever I want, without being afraid. I walk around dripping with privilege because that never crosses my mind. But Ahmaud Arbery is murdered while jogging. Where is his justice?? Why can I exercise however and whenever I want, but he couldn’t and so many can’t without facing awful consequences? It is so disgusting that our justice system and our world is so inherently racially-biased and racist. It’s easy, as a white person, to miss it or to forget. But that’s why these issues continue and persist. It’s all too common that I do not acknowledge that I’m lucky that I can do that, and yet I am incredibly so. Ahmaud Arbery’s death shouldn’t have to serve as a reminder for me. It shouldn’t have happened. He should still be alive and instead, his death is going unpunished. For more information and to sign the petition, please visit https://www.runwithmaud.com/



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