Day One Thousand, Seven Hundred and Nineteen

Hi Viewers,

Today started out wonderfully and ended beautifully. Sadness threatened to overshadow the day, but a quick dance walk cleared that up eventually. It’s honestly astounding how transformative music can be.

It is so nice to come home at night and be surrounded by joy. I used to go home to my family and spend the evenings with them, and now while I’m at school, I spend the nights with my hall-mates. The amount of laughter that could be heard ringing off of the walls in our dorm tonight was absurd and the tangible glee that exists in our “living room” is positively delightful. In the last week I’ve been really wrapped up in my studies and tonight I really stopped to appreciate the people in front of me and realized just how lucky I am to have them to light up my life, to bring a smile to my face no matter what 🙂



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