Day One Thousand, Five Hundred and Seventy

Hi Viewers,

When I’m in a funk, there are three things that make me feel better. Hopefully, you agree to some extent. Regardless, it’s so crucial to have that escape that makes you feel like you.

The first is spending time with my people. Today, for me, that consisted of seeing my pre o group who I adore and exploring Davis Square. It was so much fun to be with people who all mutually respect each other and made the effort to show up. Then I spent approximately three hours on the phone with different family members who never stop making me smile and giggle.

The second is writing literally anything. A blog? A short story? An email? It could be any of the above and I would be happy. It gives you an outlet to channel both your thoughts and your creativity. It removes you in some ways from whatever stress you’re under and let’s you be authentically yourself.

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect” Anais Nin

The third is dancing, alone, gleefully. I spent over an hour today doing just this. The music was blasting and people definitely could’ve heard it in the hallway but I didn’t care. Did people see me dancing in the window? Probably. But when you’re prancing around jubilantly and singing to your hearts content, it doesn’t really matter. It’s absolutely the best medicine for anything (exhaustion, sadness, stress, literally everything).



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