Thank you

Hi Viewers,

What a feeling of unity Philly just experienced. Tons of people standing in the parking lot, six feet apart, excitedly waiting together. The Navy Blue Angels and Air Force Thunderbirds flew over Philadelphia in a show of support for healthcare workers. Everyone was cheering! It was more people than I’ve seen in almost two months. More people smiling than I’ve seen since what feels like forever. There were people shouting to each other to make sure everyone could see it. I’m in awe every single day of this isolation. At the health care workers who work constantly, at the other essential workers who go work every day (the mailmen, the garbage workers, the delivery people, etc.). How selflessly they continue working to save lives and to flatten the curve. I’m astonished at my professors and all of the teachers who have transitioned to online teaching. By all of the parents working from home and taking care of their kids at the same time. How quickly we all came together in this time of uncertain crisis.

It’s so easy to fall into a spiral of angst. When I walked in the sunshine today after having the luxury to not get off of my couch for three days, I realized what a privilege that is. That I can laze around in my house and do nothing while being safe and healthy. That honestly, doing my part to flatten the curve has not had that big of an impact on my life. My gratitude is simply overflowing for those who are on the front lines, for those who are keeping us safe, and for everyone doing their part — sending a huge THANK YOU!



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