Day One Thousand, Eight Hundred and Fifty Two

Hi Viewers,

Haven’t posted in actually forever but what a lovely and amazing day I had today!! I finally am starting to rediscover my happiness. I literally can’t even begin to explain to you, I cried tears of happiness in front of every single one of my friends tonight. Today in it of itself was a gift because one of my best friends from home, Ariel, took so much time out of her day to be with me. She traveled an hour to and fro Tufts, treated me out to lunch, and spent like actually 6 hours just talking and catching up. She is one of the most incredible people I’ve ever met; brilliant beyond belief but also humble and hysterical and so down to earth. When she left, I skipped up the hill and couldn’t stop smiling for so so long. Then I went to dinner with one of my best friends which was already a treat, and then we walked into my suite to the lights out and I was like? What? And then they all started singing Happy Birthday and jumped and surprised me with an early birthday party. I can’t explain to you my pure elation and shock when I walked in to see all of my AMAZING friends take time out of their busy schedules to celebrate me. Like …. oh my god. I can’t handle it. My 10th suitemate was FaceTimed in even after getting her wisdom teeth out just for ME. And my friend from Harvard came all the way here, thank you Duncan!! and we danced and then they brought out a cake for me and lit candles. And right at that moment my brother texted me that he got into college and I was filled with an overwhelming amount of pride all in one moment. He’s so special and absolutely any school would be so lucky to have him but like wow, I am so glad that schools appreciate that. And then, this was where I fully started crying; my friends all went around and told me the thing about me that they loved the most or appreciated and I cannot tell you how much that warmed my heart. To see my best friends, my sisters (and Jacob and Duncan:), literally my family spend so much of their time on me and celebrating me was the most beautiful display of love and affection I could’ve ever asked for. I’m lucky that these are the people there for me always. When I’m sad, they wipe my tears and make me feel better. When I’m happy or when I’m excited, they celebrate with me. This semester has seen some of my lowest lows and these are the people who see me and look out for me every single day. I just, wow, I’m blown away. Then they played my favorite songs and we danced the night away. Here we are, right now, giggling and spending time in our home together

Hehe 🥰



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