Day One Thousand, Eight Hundred and Forty Eight

Hi Viewers,

My dear friend’s (and an avid reader of this blog) husband has recently died. In Frank’s honor, I would like to tell you a story about light, something this couple spreads everywhere they go. Last night, my dad and I went to this restaurant that was centered around themes, and this time the theme was fire. They had a firefly room and it was amazing. You walked into a completely dark room and after it took your eyes just a moment to adjust, it felt like we were staring at fairies. Or small shooting stages. These little lights would go off every second from different fireflies all throughout the room. While I was standing there, I felt surrounded by love and light by these fascinating creatures. For a while, my dad and I got to soak in their magic alone, but then a family walked into the room. Watching these three little kids experience the magic of the fireflies, made it even more special. They sat in the corner with their mom just in awe and then they erupted into giggles. And I realized, no matter what language any of us speak, we can all recognize breathtaking beauty. I closed my eyes to experience the serenity of it and when I opened them, I was overcome again by the scene in front of me.


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