Day One Thousand, Seven Hundred and Eighty Seven

Hi Viewers,

Tonight it was Passover which is my absolutely favorite Jewish holiday. I got to Skype into my family’s Seder and partake in the traditions I so enjoy. For our family, that consists of the regular Passover as well as a series of jokes, introductory games, and classic bits. Even though I could not be in Philly, it was so so wonderful to be surrounded by my family. I got to hear their laughter, watch my brother smile, listen to my dad host and chat with old friends. The amount of effort he puts in to making this a fun night for all of us is astounding. Some of my friends here streamed the Seder with me which made me feel so special that they would take the time to learn about my religious and family traditions. While usually I don’t practice Judaism that extensively, tonight I was so proud to be Jewish and to partake in the festivities. 😊


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