Day One Thousand, Seven Hundred and Seventy Nine

Hi Viewers,

You know that feeling when you’ve been sick for a few days but wake up feeling revived? It was one of those days! I woke up early and not tired, had coffee with one of my favorite people, went to classes, saw my friends, and couldn’t wipe this giant grin off my face. There’s not much we need in life, it’s what we make of what we have. I took two hours to soak up the sun and talk to my two absolute best friends, and while it was on the phone, it felt like they were standing right next to me. It was just such a joyous day with extra pep in my step. I not only had a great day, but watched my best friends excel which can’t be better. They are just thriving in so many areas, academically, socially, talent, everywhere. AND, I decided something really really important today. I decided to accept whatever this semester brings my way in terms of grades, at the end of the day, I’ve given it my all and I’ve come to accept that my all is enough. It’s more than enough, it’s something to be proud of. Oh happy day!!!!!


One thought on “Day One Thousand, Seven Hundred and Seventy Nine

  1. Excellent. At the end of the day the real question is did you learn something from classes this semester. Tufts is an excellent academic university so the real test is what did you learn not your grades.

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