Day One Thousand, Seven Hundred and Forty Five

Hi Viewers,

Happy International Women’s Day!! I’m so grateful for all the women in my life that never stop amazing me nor spreading their bright sunshine. When I think about the three generations of women in my family, I’m so grateful for the lessons I’ve learned from my mom and my grandmother. My grandmother was the epitome of fierce and taught me to believe in myself and my abilities. She was proud of me no matter what I did. Both her and my mom have shown me that it’s never too late to follow your dreams and pursue your passion. My mom went back to work after 17 years and she is thriving there, absolutely crushing all of her endeavors. While my grandmother started a business when she was over 80 years old and began flipping houses. These two women are the definition of powerful– they are the most compassionate and awe-inspiring people in the world. Whenever the day feels too long, or the work too arduous, I think about the two of them and how much there is left to be done to follow in their footsteps. 🥰


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