Day One Thousand, Seven Hundred and Eight

Hi Viewers,

Didn’t I tell you this was going to be a GREAT week? I had jumpstart again today and let me tell you, nothing can bring a smile to my face like those kids can. I was with my precious reading group today when we found the rhythm I’ve been working towards all year.

Show us our names!! They all screamed triumphantly. I hold their name cards and it becomes a little game while we read. If I can see their cards, then I take them but if they can keep them hidden, it stays our little secret. It’s basically my way of keeping them from fidgeting too much. Today, they all said, Sam — can you hold my name?

I was just so excited not only that my kids know my name, which was not an easy feat, and that they know our routine.

They ran up to me today and asked if I had missed them. Honestly, even though it’s only been two days, it felt like a lifetime. I missed them so dearly. “I love you like a strawberry,” she said. I don’t know what that means but I took it to be the biggest compliment.

My day was wonderful beyond that. I had breakfast with a new friend, one of my best friends surprised me by waiting to give me a hug outside one of my classes, the club I’ve been planning to announce made its big debut tonight, and I’ve felt better physically than I have in a week. And it snowed. Welcome to smile paradise 🙂


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