Day One Thousand, Seven Hundred and Six

Hi Viewers,

Today started out with two things: an over abundance of optimism, and a splitting migraine. It quickly became clear that the positivity was going to win out. I have decided that this is going to be a fantastic week — the last two weeks have been kind of lacking and this one is going to be the exact opposite. If I have to fall prone to confirmation bias — so be it, but it’ll be a good thing ;). So, two absolutely major things happened that put a huge smile on my face and hopefully will do the same for you.

The first was in my International Relations class. For some background, it is downright awe-inspiring to be in my professor’s presence because she is one of the most brilliant people I have ever met. I’ve spent every single free moment in the silent section of the library reading for her class since I returned to school so I can hope to have something intelligent to say in class should the moment arise. I sit in the second row of the giant auditorium where the class is held soaking in every valuable piece of information. Today, I finally felt comfortable enough to raise my hand. I forgot to introduce myself before answering which prefers people to do so I was regretful but overall proud I mustered up the courage. For some reference on how incredible she is with names and memory, today she asked a question in class and no one answered. She then turned to someone sitting in one of the side rows kind of in the middle, addressed this person by name and reminded him that he knew the answer. He was floored by this information and must have looked perplexed because she had to explain that she knew that he knew the answer because he answered with similar logic on the first day of class in this giant lecture. Anyway — She actually smiled and was impressed by my comments, I was astounded. I sat in my little bubble of glee for a while. Then, after class, I walked past the stage and thanked her. She smiled and I left thinking I would see her the next class period and be ready with some inventive stroke of genius.

I was so far from wrong. I ran back to my dorm, changed clothes and headed to my next obligation and ran into my professor. But she was the one who recognized me!!! I stopped, and of course was so excited to see her that some strange combination of thank yous tumbled out of my mouth, incomprehensible I’m sure. I took the time to actually introduce myself and she told me it might take her a little while to learn my name but she would be sure to quite soon. It is a GIANT lecture with over 100 kids enrolled and this powerhouse of a person is going to take the time to learn MY name. I have never been more humbled.

I mean…..could this day have actually gotten any better after that?? Spoiler alert, it did and my Jumpstart kids made me smile wider than I have in so long but that’s a happiness boost for tomorrow!


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