Day One Thousand, Six Hundred and Eighty Three

Hi Viewers,

I was so nervous to babysit tonight. I have absolutely no idea why, the kids are perfect and I’ve babysat for them so many times before. Every single time I get super nervous before I get there, and feel on top of the world when I leave. I can never stop gushing about how smart and sweet these kids are!! I try so hard to channel the positive energy from afterwards in the midst of my little nervous episodes before. That’s the key I think to doing things that intimidate you — picture yourself in a situation after all is said and done. I always picture myself in bed reflecting on my day, knowing that I can find solace when the lights go out. By picturing myself there, I want to reflect on an amazing day where I put myself slightly outside of my comfort zone and had an incredible time. That desire pushes me to try new things and I think that’s crucial, at least for me!! When the lights go out this evening, I get to look back on a wonderful day with spectacular fun. 🙂


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