Day One Thousand, Six Hundred and Eighty Nine

Hi Viewers,

Today I went on an hour walk, dancing to my hearts content of course. I think we are often hesitant when walking to engage with others walking along side of us. I’ve noticed it when I smile or give a small hi, and the other person is shocked and caught off guard. Today, I ran into two people. The first one needed directions which I was unable to give him — after living here for my whole life. I ran into him almost twenty minutes later and he actually explained to me how to get to where he was going for future reference. The second person was crossing the street at the same time I was when a cop car barreled through the intersection, and the guy and I made small talk about it as we strolled across the street. He made sure to take a moment and wish me a beautiful new year. Too often we are nervous to interact with strangers, especially those who don’t look the same as we do, BUT those two brightened my day more than I could’ve imagined. There’s a climate of hate in this world and I think together we can offset that just by engaging with our fellow man. 🙂


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