Day One Thousand, Six Hundred and Eighty Eight

Hi Viewers,

Honestly, what a year this has been. It was filled with ups and downs, more than usual. As much as the joy of graduation, and going to college was threatened by sadness, the happiness triumphed in the end. It was a year full of huge milestones: going to Nicaragua, senior prom, graduation, a summer filled with memorable outings and adventures, moving in to college and finishing my first semester. All of those have ultimately shaped the person I am now and allowed me to come to understand what makes me relax. I know now that blasting music and dancing whether it be in my room at home, my dorm room, or outside makes every obstacle seem smaller and easily surpassed. And that walking with the breeze in your face can coax a smile out of anyone. And that trying your best no matter what is ALWAYS enough, every single time. ♥️ this is the year where I’m going to do what I want when I want, and hopefully you will too. It’s about making goals and actualizing them, and doing just as much to make yourself happy as you do to make others happy.


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