Day One Thousand, Six Hundred and Eighty One

Hi Viewers,

My birthday is usually my absolute favorite day of the year where I love having all the attention on me and relish the many lovely wishes I receive from friends and family near and far. This year, a large part of me was dreading it, afraid that celebrating without my grandmother would be impossible. We always celebrated it together, she would hang a beautiful banner for me every single year. Some years she was in the hospital and still by some pure magic, had it hanging out for me so the whole neighborhood knew how much she loved me. I always knew ♥️ I still do.

As it turns out, it actually didn’t feel like my birthday. It felt like another wonderful day with my family, we went shoppings, got massages, and went to the movies. All in all it was quite nice. I got the sweetest outpouring of support from my friends. I honestly didn’t know people this extraordinary could exist but they do and I get the absolute privilege to know them. On the roller coaster of life, I feel lucky to ride with these people.


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