Day One Thousand, Six Hundred and Sixty Eight

Hi Viewers,

Gooood Evening 🙂

Honestly, I had something dreadful happen today. A person who I considered to be a friend posted a shirt jabbing fun at OCD and said “I’m sorry … did I offend you” in a very obvious, rude way. She trivialized the whole disorder and then mocked someone who was upset about it and then mocked me. Instead of getting mad, because I’m trying to practice what I preach, I tried to be composed. The gist of what happened was an inflow of beautiful support after I posted my own comment. I know that there’s a heightened political correctness movement and it sometimes can feel tiresome and tedious to be so careful to offend someone BUT it’s worth it. It’s worth it to be cautious before making fun of something that you don’t experience. If she hadn’t posted that photo, I would’ve been saved a lot of heartbreak. It’s worth it to take a moment and consider the feelings of everyone that could be hurt by your comments. It’s also crucial not to be defensive when someone says you offended them or made them sad. We’re all together on this earth so let’s make it a beautiful place to live.

To end always with a kernel of positivity, I’m currently feasting with my friends to celebrate finals at a pizza place. The actual glee that existed as we cheered each other on and danced down the road screaming offbeat to some throwbacks was purely invaluable.


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