Day One Thousand, Six Hundred and Sixty

Hi Viewers,

Think about yourself the way the person who loves you the most thinks of you and acts or acted around you. Lately, I’ve been trying to look at things through my grandmother’s perspective. No task was too big for her. She could literally have built skyscrapers if she set her mind to it. So I set mine to things, I imagine that I have her resolve and dedication and I channel that confidence to do it. Likewise, when I can’t do something and I can admit that, I look at it through her eyes. The eyes that saw everything I did as being amazing. She thought that life was about working hard and having fun, about doing what’s right for you as well as other people, about sacrificing things to make others smile. She never forgot a birthday, she sent newspaper clippings whenever they referenced something we were interested in and she always made sure to call. She would think of people she hadn’t seen in years and give them a call just to check in and spread her love. That’s why I try to do that. I try to think about the nicest things I can imagine her doing and do them. I can imagine her walking to the ends of the earth for me hence her strength enables me to do the same for others.


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