Day One Thousand, Six Hundred and Fifty Seven

Hi Viewers,

So today I was spontaneous. Andy Grammer came to Boston for a meet up so I realized that this opportunity was not going to come again. I left class early (with permission, I’m not completely wild) and ubered down to Boston. There I tore through Prudential Tower to find the Dunkin Donuts where he was. I talked about genuineness two days ago, and I’ve never met someone as kind hearted. He took a video of himself singing to me, how beautiful is that?! He was so welcoming to every single person and went out of his way to buy each fan a donut and to take pictures with them. It was so incredible and I’ve never felt so independent taking the T back alone after the most dazzling experience. Makes you smile knowing there are such exemplary and awe-inspiring people in our world.


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