Day One Thousand, Six Hundred and Fifty Four

Hi Viewers,

Other people aren’t mind readers. I’m not saying you aren’t, I know I’d like to fancy myself one. But if there’s anything I’ve learned this year, it’s that people can’t read your mind. Unless you tell people what’s on your mind or how your feeling, they’re left guessing on how to change it or make you feel better. I have this dreadful habit of being afraid to say something’s upsetting me or that I would like something. I just let it bog me down in worry without doing anything about it because I think that other people are going to just understand it. Remember when you went to a friend’s house as a kid and wanted something but were too afraid to ask their parents? So you asked them but like they had to want it too otherwise you didn’t want them to ask for it? I think that tendency can very easily continue as you march throughout life. It did for me but I’m learning and I think that honesty is indeed the best policy. Be you!!! I always want my friends and family to be happy and I think that being open with each other is the only way to achieve that completely!


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