Day One Thousand, Six Hundred and Forty Three

Hi Viewers,

There was a moment today where I swear I felt like I was surrounded by magic. We went to hear Ana Navarro speak and she was literally incredible. She had all of us in stitches, making hysterical quips and was just utterly delightful to listen to. We were swept up in the intellectual conversation and insightful projections for the future of our democracy. Then — the magic happened. My friends and I opened the doors of the auditorium to the most beautiful sprinkling of snow. All of us screamed and squealed and proceeded to slip down the sidewalk looking towards the sky and licking snow on our lips. The dining halls had thanksgiving dinner so we all trekked together in the snow to have a Friendsgiving complete with Brussel sprouts and mushroom risotto. As if sitting at a table with the lovely, smiling faces of my friends at Thanksgiving dinner while the snow silently fell outside wasn’t heavenly enough — we then went out for a snowy photoshoot. Pure bliss.


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