Day One Thousand, Six Hundred and Forty Two

Hi Viewers,

Today was the type of day where everything had the potential to be so taxing and difficult. And yet, it proved to be the exact opposite. It started out with two incredible classes, a surprisingly exciting opportunity that I got tickets for, and then an amazing jumpstart session. It was BY FAR the best one we’ve had yet, like it was basically perfect. The kids were so loving and attentive and we all worked together like a well oiled machine. My reading group kids were so enthusiastic and just phenomenally behaved today. Then our team spent over an hour together debriefing and talking and giggling tons. I finished out the evening by going to the most stimulating panel with some lovely friends. It’s just the most freeing feeling when all of your stress melts away (at least for the day) because you’ve accomplished everything and more. :):)


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