Day One Thousand, Six Hundred and Thirty Five

Hi Viewers,

Slowly, I’ve been realizing something critical. I always thought that the best way for me to unwind was to be around other people. I thought that I was such an extrovert that all of my energy came from surrounding myself with friends. But — I was walking around tonight with the cold air blowing in my face and the music blasting in my ears, when I felt the pep in my step kick up just a bit. I felt the smile creep wider onto my lips, and the confidence slowly infuse back into my soul. I realized that it’s not a bad thing if being alone helps you unwind and honestly, I’m not sure why I’ve always believed that it wouldn’t. Obviously you know what works best for you but don’t be afraid to question those things. To see if what you think makes you happy or helps you to relax really does…..☺️


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