Day One Thousand, Six Hundred and Twenty Seven

Hi Viewers,

Today, out of the blue, I got the nicest gift. I spoke to two of my cousins; one I haven’t seen in a month, the other in a few years. There are so many people I admire here who are older, but my cousins are so incredible and I can imagine that so many people are dying to be friends with them. I’m the one that gets the privilege of being their friend and their family. How lucky is that?! It’s easy to see your family in a certain way because you know them in a specific context, so sometimes it’s hard to fathom how much other people look up to them. Think about the people that you hold in such high esteem, doesn’t some part of you wish that you were related to them or that you were better friends with them? Appreciate the wonderful people that you do have by your side. I can’t even tell you how exponentially my smile grew today when they texted/called.


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