Day One Thousand, Six Hundred and Twenty Six

Hi Viewers,

There’s no one like a little kid when it comes to bringing a smile to one’s face. I’ve been working with an organization called Jumpstart whose mission is to provide language, literally, and social-emotional programming for preschool children from under-resources communities and promotes early learning for all. Today, during our session, we were all sitting on the rug. Three of the precious kids clambered to sit on my lap — they tried all sitting on it at the same time which quickly didn’t work out. It was the absolute sweetest compliment to be paid. I felt on top of the world that these kids could’ve picked any of us to sit with or could’ve sat by themselves and yet they ran over to me. Can’t you just picture three wonderful children spreading their sunshine and sprinkling their sparkle? It was a truly beautiful thing to experience.


One thought on “Day One Thousand, Six Hundred and Twenty Six

  1. Yes I can picture all theee of them running to you and trying to sit on your lap. The image brought a huge smile to my face! You are our future and thank goodness for that. ❤️

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