Day One Thousand, Six Hundred and Twenty One

Hi Viewers,

Don’t be afraid to reach out to people when you think about them. Today, a few people randomly just popped in my head, some I haven’t spoken to in months, others in days or hours. I didn’t hesitate to contact them. Even though there’s a stigma around texting first or being too readily available, I don’t subscribe to that notion. One- you don’t know the type of day that other person is having and just maybe your text will bring them some sunshine. Two- you might really miss them and being afraid to text first does no one any good. Wouldn’t you want your friends to text if they had a lovely thought about you? 💖


One thought on “Day One Thousand, Six Hundred and Twenty One

  1. Sam, you continue to make us better people. I didn’t know there was a stigma around being available to much. I think it is wonderful when my friends are available to do things. BTW Stef is playing MJ on Saturday nights with us girls.

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