Day One Thousand, Six Hundred and Fifteen


Hi Viewers,

I was remiss to not tell you about this yesterday because it brought a smile bounding onto my face. I was sitting in the dining hall after a very long, extremely stressful day to be honest and I look up and make direct eye contact with the one person who I wanted to see: my pre-orientation leader. All of the things that fell into place for that moment to happen are remarkable, I had to be sitting somewhere I could see him and he could see me, he had to take a certain route, we had to be there at the same time which he normally isn’t, like it was literally just my Karma again coming back. Would it have been delightful to see any of my friends? Yes as always, but all day I’d been trying to put myself in his impossibly big shoes, imagining that whatever I had to do was possible because he’s done so many amazing things. And then literally I got to jump up from the table and go over and hug him. It was such a huge gift. Life’s not about obsessing about everything that goes wrong (though I’ve definitely done more than my fair share of that), it’s about celebrating all of life’s little victories and the joyous people that share them with you. 


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