Day One Thousand, Six Hundred and Twelve

Hi Viewers,

You know how there are those days, like the ones that stick out above all others?! For instance, I’ll remember that there were days when I did homework for hours or when I shirked my responsibilities for Netflix, but I’m not going to remember the circumstances of each and every day. Today, however, proved to be the exception. It was one of those days where you know that it’ll be in your brain forever in some shape or form. I spent it with my favorite person here and we literally just giggled and cried through everything — missing forms, finger injuries, econ recitation, bonding moments, three dinners. We bonded with one of our other team members for a club that now feels full of excitement, we chit chatted with our favorite sophomore, met the most fantastic nurse and somehow in between we managed to get some work done. It just felt like true college, wild and free!

I hope that you have a day that stands out to you this week — they make all the other days more lively. 😘❤️


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