Day One Thousand, Six Hundred and Ten

Hi Viewers,

Human connection!! Today I spent literally 8 hours in a room for a training at a table with my six group members. I’m not going to lie, the training was long and tedious, but we had so much fun. We doodled our team name over and over again in different lettering styles, we split a piece of model magic and played with it, shared candy and munchkins, and laughed nonstop. We were in stitches by the end of the day, just purely enjoying our new group of friends and the all-day bonding adventure that we had now shared. Spending time with people who have common interests and who all mutually want to be involved in an activity is such a splendid experience. I hope you all have a club or a group of people that you get to be a part of who get you, not just people you know but people who know and appreciate the real you. If you don’t, think about all the people you’ve yet to click with. All the people that you haven’t met and that are waiting to meet you — the world is waiting for your sunshine 😘


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