Day One Thousand, Six Hundred and Seven

Hi Viewers,

I’ve been thinking a lot about karma recently. Sometimes I think that the system is flawed and all of the effort to send good into the world is futile; but I’m constantly reminded how untrue that is.

First of all, doing nice things or being a good samaritan shouldn’t be done in the hopes of receiving reciprocity. You should do the things that you want to do regardless of whether you receive some validation or some response from someone else. Going out on a limb for another person or doing something as simple as smiling can impact their day. I do compassionate gestures for others because it makes me happy to see them happy.

This being said, Karma exists and what goes around does indeed come back around. I often sit and think when my karma will come back to me. Tonight, it came back. I looked up to see my wonderful, fantastic friends standing in my doorway with a brownie cake and a card. Isn’t that insane? I’ve only known these phenomenal people for 1.5 months and I already adore them and they care about me too. That’s karma — the good came back to me.

I realized something about the timing of this surprise. I was caught totally off guard. I wasn’t sitting around bored and frantically checking my phone, I wasn’t wandering aimlessly, I was doing something and productive and in that moment so much joy entered into my life. The times (we’ve all been there) when you feel desperate to talk to someone and devote all of your energy towards your phone that you completely loose track of the here and now, are the times when you most need to pause. When you’re obsessively checking your phone, those are the moments when no notifications pop up. It’s like the expression that a watched pot will never boil, you have to give yourself a moment to get involved with your surroundings and do your friends the favor of actually being present when you talk to them.

What comes around goes around! If you could use some sparkle, spread it because someone else could definitely also use some sparkle 😘😘


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