Day One Thousand, Six Hundred and Two

Hi Viewers,

Every teenager seems to be under the assumption that you need to drink to have a good time. I’m here to tell you all that is simply just not true. College is infamous for being the time to discover yourself and go on wild adventures, as it should be. Tonight, my friends and I literally ate an entire cake and went to a music trivia night. We then proceeded to prance around campus blaring whatever song suited our fancy and singing (aka screaming) as loud as humanly possible. We sang Dancing Queen down the road, past the fraternity, with several sophomore guys dancing along. We ran past the track, up the stairs, on the roof and literally everywhere. The brisk wind in our hand and the huge grins on our smiles made the jubilance last even longer. We were so genuinely ourselves and giggly that it was one of those nights where every second seemed to last a lifetime, yet it was over all too fast. None of us have to worry about not being able to get up early or about getting back home safely or about standing in line all night only to not get into a party — we brought our own party ♥️♥️Don’t let the misconception that everyone is drinking or something along those lines hold you back from doing whatever it is that makes you happy. Maybe it’s a movie night, or a dance party, or a trivia game, or in fact a party, but do things because YOU want to do them.

There’s no point in being anyone other than yourself around new people because don’t you want people who will love you for the real you?! I say it like it’s easy, and I assure you that I definitely know that it isn’t, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying.


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