Day One Thousand and Six Hundred

Hi Viewers,

1600 days, 400 days * 4, more than 4 years, 10*160 days. This is just mind boggling. Honestly, wow!! Never ever when I started this blog on a desktop computer on a whim in the middle of a summer day in 2014, did I imagine that we would end up here in the evening of a brisk fall day in 2018. It’s fascinating because I find it hard to imagine that anything will stay constant for a year, or even six months. However, this blog is proof that things do stay constant and consistent. That you can commit to doing something every day and really do it. It just takes commitment and inspiration.

Yesterday, I just started scrolling through my blogs in excitement for today. I realized two things: one, my writing has vastly improved. It became much more sophisticated and dynamic than the typical “I love the world” that I’ve posted countless times in the past. I think that having a blog has helped me in school and many different endeavors in which I’ve had to write things. The importance of practice cannot be highlighted enough: even by writing a few words a night, my whole vocabulary and syntax has vastly improved.

The second thing I realized, is that words and photos really do have the power to change one’s disposition. Yesterday, I went from being in a bad mood to being in a joyous one just from looking at thousands of smiley faces and cute little past posts. Just the notion that today was day 1600 put an extra spring in my step, and the idea that I could tell you about that joy made me smile even wider.

So here’s my advice: do it!! That thing that you’re considering doing but you’re worried because it seems like too much commitment? Do it!! I think the key is to start with manageable expectations. I thought that I would have a blog for two months, and here we are 4 years and more than 2 months later. The trick is to find something and make it your world. No matter what happens throughout the day, this is a platform where I can express my ideas and make the world a little happier for all of you, but also for me. Do that thing that you never think you’ll be able to do, please!! It’ll make a mountain of difference for you and those surrounding you.

Thanks for sticking with me guys!! Here’s to many more days to come of smileys!!


One thought on “Day One Thousand and Six Hundred

  1. Wow! Congratulations, I know the dedication that it takes to make this happen and am so proud of you! Also would have to agree, the level of sophistication has absolutely risen tremendously and it is a pleasure and honor to read each evening!

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