Day One Thousand, Five Hundred and Ninety Eight

Hi Viewers,

When you’re in a new situation, maybe one where you feel inadequate or unconfident, just imagine you’re somewhere else. Today a friend visited me from home, and immediately my entire demeanor changed. I went from being the freshman, the new kid on campus, to the established senior that I was in high school. My posture changed, my vocabulary got better, my heart got happier, and I felt proud of myself in a way I haven’t in a while. I think feeling comfortable in a new environment is contingent on embracing your amazing qualities; appreciating the times where someone looked up to you or you were in a position to help them. It builds confidence and allows you to embody that role model in your new world. ♥️

“It is confidence in our bodies, minds, and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures.” Oprah Winfrey


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