Day One Thousand, Five Hundred and Ninety Two

Hi Viewers,

You know those moments when you’re struck by how much another person inspires you? Whether it be their leadership, compassion, bravery, friendship, or intellect that causes you to just stop and take notice of how wonderful they are. Tell that person how you feel!! I’ve never gone up to anyone and told them how great they were and not seen them smile. There’s no reason why those little nuggets of appreciation shouldn’t be shared with the world. No matter how quiet someone is or how minimally they respond, at everyone’s core, they like getting compliments and acknowledgment. It depends on the person whether you should sing their praises in a group chat, or in a personal message — but either way, it should happen. Wouldn’t you want someone to tell you how impressed they were with you?!

“We are all in this life together, so no one can fly without propping another up. No one can flourish without appreciating those wonderful people they encounter on their journey” self.


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