Day One Thousand, Five Hundred and Sixty

Hi Viewers,

I moved into college today. Like what?! That’s an insane sentence to write. I feel like honesty is really important so — moving into college is not easy. It’s not only the physical manifestations of stress like the rashes or the most sores, but the mental ones. Packing up all of your belongings and preparing to leave home to head off into the unknown is terrifying. The days leading up to move in are filled with trepidation as you hug your family close and worry what every day will be like without them. Those aren’t the only worries though that obviously spring to mind — am I going to be able to live on my own? Will I make friends? Will I be able to do everything I want to do and make my mark? Will my family dynamic change for when I get home? Will they be happy without me? Am I being selfish by only worrying about my feelings? The laughing and crying fits are pretty much daily and the toll that it takes on others around you is evident. You’re not only leaving behind a life and friends, but you’re leaving your family which means that their lives are changing too. I think if I could do this whole thing again, I would be more cognizant of that and more compassionate that this move effects more than just me. Move in day is the most surreal experience where all of the harried new adults and their families try to move your belongings into a small room with everything perfectly in its place for the “mandatory” dorm picture. But it’s doable, I’ve lived to tell the tale. It’s heart wrenching when those tires leave the steps of your hall and your loved ones drift along with them, but it’s the best feeling in the world to know that you have those beautiful people to return to and look forward to seeing every time you feel lonely. So there’s your first look at college from yours truly.

“No legacy is as rich as honesty” William Shakespeare


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