Day One Thousand, Five Hundred and Forty Three

Hi Viewers,

Our brains are wired to put things into boxes: people, ideas, materials, etc. What this system fails to recognize is the multifaceted nature of each of our personalities.

Last night, I posted a quote from a book called Unapologetically you, and in that step I’ll tell you who I am.

#I am that girl — I am that girl who is nice to everyone. I am also the girl that has a mean side. That mean side does not mean that my niceness is fake (as many would like to say). I am that girl who is modest in her clothing choices and reserved in her partying habits, but I am also a girl that loves to dance and be the life of that same party. I am that girl that can sing mom parodies while being the girl that likes to rap to Drake. I am that girl who will remember your birthday and write you a paragraph or text you out of the blue to say I miss you, but I am also that girl who will stop responding when you hurt my feelings. I am the insecure girl and the confident one all at the same time. I am that girl who will come over just to give you a hug, but I also have my own life and my own things to do. I am that girl who can be super shy, or extremely outgoing. I am that girl who loves to do community service but also likes to go out and have a good time. I am me.

None of these things should be mutually exclusive, yet they often are. Most people don’t understand that the kids who you would assume to be one “type” of person exhibit solely the characteristics of people who you would place in that group. We are all more than one box. Don’t assume that one side of someone is every side of them because different interactions bring out different sides of a person. Be yourself because when someone loves you for who you are, there is NO better feeling ❤

“A human being is a single being. Unique and unrepeatable” Eileen Caddy


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