Day One Thousand, Four Hundred and Eighty

Hi Viewers,

I graduated high school today. Like what? I’m just going to say it again, I literally just graduated from high school. 2 smiley faces for double the happiness. This is so surreal!! I have such a hard time grasping that I’ll never see a lot of my beloved peers and teachers again. While true that high school had its ups and downs, it was a wonderful learning experience for me. I gained true friends: two in particular that I hope to be close to my entire life. One of which is my oldest friend to date and the other is the best best friend I’ve ever had. The whole night was the most momentous occasion of my life, and yet it felt the same as all the other moments. Until the very moment when I went weak in the knees and the stomach and realized that I would soon be strutting across the stage. It didn’t hit me when I decorated my cap, or when I got to the arena or when I took photos with my friends and family. It hit me when I walked out into the gym with the lights on me and family and friends smiling down and cheering. It was transformational. My whole life I’ve been anticipating adult hood and wondering what my future holds and now I’m well on my way to finding out. I learned how to lead and be in charge but also how to step back and watch others lead. Mostly, this evening, as I looked up into the crowd, I realized how important my family is. If there were no other people in this world, the three of them would still provide me all of the love and laughter that I could ever need. Looking up to see my dad taking photos and my mom watching closely and my brother listening intently showed me how lucky I am. I looked at them and felt the most overwhelming amount of joy. While I’m still totally unable to process this night, it feels really wonderful to be moving on to the next phase of my life.

“The future is filled with fear and trepidation but also with longing and hopes. Filled with dreams and anticipation of lovely days to come. The future is a place that one should be ecstatic to get the chance to explore.” 💋


One thought on “Day One Thousand, Four Hundred and Eighty

  1. Congratulations dear Sam! You are wonderful and we love you. You will be (and already have been) an amazing adult and human…xoxoxoxoxo

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