Day One Thousand, Three Hundred and Ninety Seven

Hi Viewers, 

In light of the school walkout today, I have a multitude of emotions and thoughts swimming around in my heart and mind. 
I believe in kindness, compassion, and in walking up. In doing each person’s part to make someone else feel welcome. In sitting next to the kid that sits alone at lunch. In working to breach the walls they’ve erected to avoid getting their feelings hurt. In giving your time to those who need your attention or would greatly benefit from your friendship. 

I believe in putting aside the selfish need for guns to preserve and same human lives. In making sure that school shootings are not a normal phenomenon, so much so that only the big ones are making the national news. In remembering the victims and making sure that they aren’t joined by more students. In preserving the safety we are taught to feel in school. In stopping the contingency planning and nightmares with new legislation and protections. 

I believe in the sanctity of my school and of schools across the country. In trying to bridge the ideological and political gap to effect change. I believe in respecting others opinions whether or not I agree with them, because contention and condescension won’t get us anywhere. 

I don’t believe in inaction. We are all on this earth to better it, and to leave our own positive mark on it. I can’t do that if I’ve been killed at school, nor can we do that if we sit and lament the deaths without doing anything about them. I don’t believe in ignoring the kids that need a little extra guidance or condemning them to a life of violence. I don’t believe in denial or ignorance. We can’t expect to be safe and keep practicing that. 
“One person cannot single handedly change the world and save the children that walk about it, we must do it together to preserve the fundamental compassionate and selfless tenets of human nature” 💖💖💖


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