Day One Thousand, Three Hundred and Fifty Nine

Hi Viewers,

Fly Eagles Fly!! To be honest, I really didn’t care about the Super Bowl until tonight. I was like ok hopefully the Eagles win because that’s always more fun, but also I wouldn’t be devastated if they lost. Then it was the last 2 minutes and out of nowhere I was drawn in. Suddenly “they” became “we” and I was desperate for us to win. As the interception and final field kick and touchdown were made, I felt ecstatic. I must say, watching the last 1:00 was so incredibly nerve wracking I was on the edge of my seat. Then they won!! We were up and screaming which is just so not something I would normally do, because it was so amazing! 

“That moment made me understand why people love watching sports; it’s watching the joy and pride spread across a player’s face after they’ve won, and the unity you feel with your fellow fans, and finally the satisfaction in knowing that your team is as amazing as you believe them to be” 😊😊👏

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