Day One Thousand, Two Hundred and Eighty Eight

Hi Viewers,

“Friendship is a universal language with supporting vocabulary in laughter, facial expressions and body motions” self. 

Today, my friend in Italy, Laura, invited three of her friends over for dinner. We all cooked together a classic Indian meal (when in Florence?;) and ate, both in over  five hours. Everyone had varying knowledge of English and degrees of understanding, but we all communicated and laughed and honestly I had the most amazing time. I was worried about not liking Indian food because I’ve never had curry chicken, or Cous Cous, and tried samosas only once. That worry was quickly washed away as the food was sublime!! The company, though, was even better. I felt so at ease and at home while I am million miles away from my actual home and listening to mostly Italian. Love and kindness is universal ❤️


One thought on “Day One Thousand, Two Hundred and Eighty Eight

  1. So glad you’re enjoying new experiences. We had a delicious Indian dinner tonight in our town. Nice change from turket!

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