Day One Thousand and Two Hundred

Hi Viewers, 

Twelve Hundred Days! That’s very exciting to me! When I began this journey, I sought a place to channel my daily joy to show others the beauty of life and a daily reminder that you can do at least one thing a day to better the world! I’m so grateful to you guys for constantly reading and allowing me to spread a little sunshine! 

“One day, or day one! You decide.” Unknown

The thing about making a commitment to something you care about, is that it gives you the courage to make more commitments. You can build on the strength and dedication that you devote to one avenue and use it to enhance other abilities as well! For instance, this blog not only allows me to share the beautiful smiley faces that our world has to offer but it has made me a better writer in allowing me to exercise it daily, a better photographer, and it gives me a chance to pause to smell the roses and embrace the smiley faces!! 🙂 So join that club, go on that trip, take a new job, say yes to a risk, live life to its fullest! Happy Tuesday! 

“Dedication and commitment are what transfer dreams into reality” Unknown 


3 thoughts on “Day One Thousand and Two Hundred

  1. Congratulations, Sam! and lucky us to be able to read a bit of sunshine each morning! love it – love you!!

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