Day One Thousand One Hundred and Twenty Two

Hi Viewers, 

I hope you took my advice to have a wonderful Monday and productive week!! I have finals this week and I think something that most people fail to put in perspective, are their own skills. For instance, my best subject is math, but every time I take a math test I get so scared before it afraid that I won’t be able to complete it. I watch it in sports as my incredibly talented athletic friends will claim not to be great and then score a goal or beat their personal record. 

This happens everywhere whether it’s at work or school or on the field, but the most important thing is to never underestimate yourself! You have to believe in your abilities and be confident that you can do what you know you can do, and probably even more!

“On the path to success and happiness, there is one person leading the way, yourself. You have to know how amazing you truly are in order to reach the most optimal destination and enjoy the best possible journey through life!”


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