Day One Thousand One Hundred and Eleven

Hi Viewers, 

1,111!!!!! 1,111!!! 1,111! This is so incredibly exciting!!! Never did I imagine that these smiley faces would continue for this long!

Today I saw first hand the kindness that people truly hold in their hearts and their ability to give of themselves to make others joyful! I sat and watched my brother shine in the talent show as a best buddy to an amazing child with special needs. The tangible love in the room was heart melting, and I must admit that I shed several tears. I think to see a group of people that give to someone else because they know that phone call or letter or game will make that person just a little bit happier and less lonely! I saw different groups of people unite and I saw the embodiment of beautiful in that room tonight. 

“I would unite with anybody to do right  and with nobody to do evil” Frederick Douglass 


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