Day One Thousand and Eighty Eight

Hi Viewers, 

Do you all know what day it is?? One of the best of the whole year, it’s Teacher Day! The day when people show their appreciation to the teachers that inspire and shape their lives! That consistently help them to learn and grow! That we are so lucky to have! To celebrate this day, I’ll tell you a short story about one of my favorite teachers ever! To set the stage, it was sixth grade. I had missed a test and had to come in before school to take it. That meant that I arrived to school at like 7:15…! That was just way too early for me! As I sat down to take this test I realized that I had no idea what I was doing I was just so tired. As you can imagine I totally bombed the test! My math teacher as opposed to failing me, gave it back without a grade. She said “I’m more interested than what you can do when you’re awake then what you can’t do when you’re tired”! She let me retake the test. I was so astounded that she was so kind to me and that she genuinely cared so much not only about what kind of student I was, but also what kind of person I was! Teachers like her are the reason that each and every day is so enjoyable!! I hope you had/have a teacher like her! 

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