Day One Thousand and Eighty Five

Hi Viewers, 
I learned about an interesting concept today in biology that I feel applies to life as a whole in general! It was about Darwin’s finches in the Galápagos Islands, the main example for his genetic theory of evolution! There were mainly three types of finches, normal, long beaked, and strong beaked! In a society like ours, they tend to value the “normal” individual that everyone pretends to be. However in nature, the ones who survived were the ones with qualities like strong and long beaked because they had a special skill set differentiating them from the rest! This is how life works for everyone though, the people who flourish and are the most interesting are really the ones who are interesting and different! They are the ones who stand out from a crowd and make an impact! The ones that have cool ideas and brilliant minds! Those “others” are the gems in the society and I think that people especially teenagers under constant pressure to fit in lose sight of that! 

“The best person to try to be is yourself, so harness your personality to the best of your ability as opposed to trying to fit in! What makes you special is what makes you stand out!” 

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