Day One Thousand and Forty Seven

Hi Viewers, 

HAPPY HAPPINESS DAY!!! Sometimes even when things seem like you just can’t win, you always can! There’s always something that can change your day around! Today it was for me in gym! I’m the most athletically challenged kid like I literally just can’t do sports of any kind! Today we were playing four way volleyball and I hit the ball (after 5 failed attempts, but who’s counting) and my teacher and teammates were so shocked and surprised! They were like “omg yes, you’re awesome” and it really felt so exiting and awesome! Nothing that makes you nervous like gym, can ever prevent you from killing it!:):):):) 

“When there’s nothing, there is always something! When it seems sad, there is always happiness! Wherever you are, there is always light!”:)

 I hope that your day was happy and smiley and perfecf for smile day!! 


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