Day One Thousand and Forty Two

Hi Viewers, 

Life is an adventure! Today there was all sorts of crazy commotion at school!! There was a two hour delay and then we got to school and there was no power! Everyone was so freaked out but I think it was such a spectacular adventure! When you are in a situation like that, there is nothing you can do! You are already stuck in the middle of a snowstorm or a power outage or something and you just have to remember that life is an adventure! It’ll have its ups and its downs but it’ll always be something you can look back on! Will we always talk about how crazy this day was? Yes! Will we want to remember it as us having fun in chaos, or us being worried that there was no power? It’s not the latter:)! 

“Life has ups and downs but ultimately they are all stops on a never ending, joyful roller coaster” :)!! 


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